From the beginning, ASK commit to become industry cutting-edge technology enterprise, to maintain ahead of industry standard, ASK maintain strong and interaction relationship with top technology partners to explore the possibility of new equipment technology and material technology application.

In order to meet the continuous changing production procedure technology challenge, to explore for the further contribution to the environment-friendly production processes, and strive to create more value for consumers, ASK invest heavily in the establishment of enterprise technology innovation center, with institutionalization and training can be sustained creative talent team, that achieved a series of original innovation and independent intellectual property rights

Innovations achievements

For the moment, Aoshikang Technology Co., Ltd and Aoshikang Precision Circuit (Huizhou) Co., Ltd total invested over 40 million, had obtained 81 projects related patent and 102 (authorized and/or in applications) invention patent, these were astonishing achievement for a young enterprise.
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